Our brand story

For more than 150 years HSBC has connected customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people to realise their ambitions.

Our brand foundations

Foundations are the core building blocks of HSBC’s brand. They help ensure HSBC is delivered with clarity, creativity, consistency, and commitment across our four business lines and in over 70 markets globally. Our foundations help HSBC deliver a confident identity across all touch-points from apps to airports.

The Logo

Our logo puts our iconic hexagon in the spotlight, whilst a modern sans serif font has been used to make it fit for the screen age. From apps to online to OOH the distinctive hexagon shape is now the clear symbol for the HSBC brand, wherever you encounter it.

An icon that is now iconic

‘Together we thrive’ is brought to life in our core creative idea: the thriving hexagon. Each one is a window to a thriving world. They can communicate HSBC initiatives such as sustainable energy, trade and infrastructure projects or sporting partnerships. Or they can showcase the passion we have for the communities we serve and are a part of, from the bustling street food scene of Hong Kong to the community cycling programmes across Britain. Each one tells a story and gives our unique perspective on the world around us.

Colour palette

Colour plays a distinctive role in HSBC's visual identity. A limited palette of just four colours red, grey, white and black was inspired by our values of strength and robustness, this limited colour palette helps to build stronger brand recognition.


Univers Next for HSBC is a custom font that is used across all media and channels, including in our new logo. Designed to work for the screen age, this elegant sans serif font in five weights reflects the brand’s values of confidence, simplicity and dependability.


Our new suite of icons has been designed to work with a new typeface. The clean lines and angles mirror those of our Hexagon. These universal shapes echo our brand, values, internationalism, and openness.

Tone of Voice

HSBC is at home in a changing world, so we want our customers to feel at home when they interact with the brand. Our tone of voice is conversational and warm with an intelligent wit. We always talk with people, not at them. Just like our brand, our voice is optimistic, empathetic and uncomplicated.
Tone of voice transcript We say ‘we’ and ‘you’, not ‘HSBC’ and ‘customers’ We are conversational. Not corporate We talk with people. Not down to them. We make the complicated, seem simple. We have an intelligent wit. A knowing smile instead of a belly laugh. We are confident. Not cocky. End
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Everyone should be able to access HSBC’s products and services in a way that suits their needs. We’re committed to making total accessibility a reality. Our dedicated team has a mandate to monitor the state of accessibility for everything we do, and to coordinate best-in-class training, testing and consulting.


Our new sonic branding works hand-in-hand with motion and celebrates connectivity and openness. For example, our video end-device alludes to this by forming windows opening up to the world, then moving together to form our iconic hexagon.


A visual identity only tells part of a brand’s story. In 2019, we partnered with world-renowned recording artist Jean-Michel Jarre to create the sonic identity for HSBC. Our bespoke piece of music creates instant brand recognition in an age of audio and voice. There are seven different edits created from one distinctive theme that are used in marketing campaigns worldwide, branches, call centres and at sponsored events.
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jean michelle jarre in studio


Here’s how our brand identity is coming to life in some of our latest work.

Design language

HSBC’s design language aligns our brand foundations with best-in-class creative practices. It helps us create solutions that are distinctly HSBC.