Our brand identity

We help people thrive, flourish, and create opportunities that connect us across borders, continents and cultures. To achieve this, we’re using our new purpose and values to re-energise our brand as a catalyst for growth. We’ve strengthened our brand by making it more iconic, attractive, and memorable for our audiences, services, and markets.

Our global brand position

Our international business and customers are synonymous with our brand and are our most important competitive advantage. They’ve helped us develop a business that is known globally and is locally relevant. Our brand is integral across our entire customer spectrum, from mass retail to ultra-high net worth customers, across asset management and insurance business lines, and from small start-ups to large enterprises.



HSBC has a bold ambition; to become the most digitally accessible financial services provider in the world. Our aim is to make our public websites, mobile applications, and internal systems accessible and usable by all of our customers and colleagues. Our people and partners are trained to ensure all digital services are accessible by design.

Our brand foundations

We’ve streamlined, simplified, and strengthened our core brand identity. We did this to make it easier to recall, but more importantly easier for our customers and design community to use. We’ve stripped back our brand foundations to the distinctive core elements then built in what was missing. This will help ensure our brand is delivered with clarity, creativity, and consistency across our three business lines and more than 60 markets globally.

Our Logo

The HSBC Hexagon is an iconic mark of our brand that uses a modern sans serif font to make it fit for the screen age. From apps to online and out of home the distinctive hexagon shape is a clear symbol for our brand, wherever you encounter it. It's also a symbol relating back to HSBC's Scottish heritage.

Creative hexagons

The Hexagon is our most distinctive asset. Its iconic symbol and striking colours can be used to make a memorable connection with our audiences. There are now three versions of the Hexagon that can be used to get just the right amount of brand volume across customer journeys. They are the Iconic, Open and Cropped Hexagons.


We use colour to create brand awareness, recall, visual awareness and consistency. Our colour palettes act as the ‘visual glue’ that provide consistency and familiarity across an increasing number of customer and colleague channels and touchpoints. Our fully accessible palette also includes “living colours” that truly reflect the places and people we serve.


Photography is the principal creative medium of HSBC’s communications. It embodies our brand promise 'Opening up a world of opportunity' and reflects the world in which our customers and colleagues live. By reflecting elements of our brand identity, as well as our purpose and values, we can start to make photography ownable and distinctive.


We use illustration to pictorially tell our brand story where photography can't. Our illustration palette has been carefully constructed to harmonise and work with all our colour palettes. Simple, bold, and graphic, our style uses block colour and a minimal level of detail. The “living colours” within the colour palette helps bring earth and skin tones to life.


The use of typography is vital in helping us communicate consistently and effectively across all media and channels. Univers Next for HSBC is our custom cut of the classic font. Our fonts have been carefully selected to work for a global audience and create consistency with the rest of our brand.

Tone of Voice

In the same way customers can spot HSBC from our colour palette and logo, they should be able to recognise us by how we write and speak, too. That’s where the four principles of our tone of voice come in: human, insightful, confident, and intelligent wit. We speak to others the way we like to be spoken to.

Brand Partnerships

Our brand partnerships have helped us create meaningful programmes and events in the communities we serve. We promote physical and mental wellbeing by uniting people, cultures, and communities around the things they love. Our partnerships bring our brand promise of ‘Opening up a world of opportunity’ to life.

We partner with passions that connect people around the world, working closely with our partners to help unlock new possibilities for the communities of today and tomorrow.