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At HSBC, we’re proud of our global creative community. They’re the people who bring new ideas, new stories and new perspectives to our brand. They’re the teams that help us reach new customers and strengthen bonds with old ones, opening up a world of opportunity wherever they are in the world. And because collaboration across continents and cultures is what makes us tick, we strongly believe our creatives’ work should be shared and celebrated together. Because we succeed together. Welcome to The Hexes.

What are the Hexes?

The Hexes are our way of celebrating the best in creativity, innovation and ambition in HSBC, both internal and external. These awards don’t just acknowledge the great thinking that builds a stronger and more consistent brand, they inspire us all to think bigger, better and bolder in everything we do.

What are we looking for in a winner?

Past winners of The Hexes have shown the impressive societal impact that creativity can have. It’s all about the craft, being inclusive, getting it done and the measurable results. The best campaigns have some of these key traits:


This is about imagination and thinking differently. We’re looking for ideas we haven’t seen before, clearly executed with commitment and craft.


We want to see storytelling that speaks to an audience wherever we show up. Across multiple touch points, platforms and technologies, to build a consistent customer journey and make our message heard.


Where powerful consumer insights are at the heart of a campaign, acting as a springboard for creative ideas and ultimately leading to a better customer experience – and growth.

Digital innovation

We’re looking for digital design that makes our products and services shine, enhancing user experience and changing behaviour through clever uses of technology.

A force for good

Going beyond traditional campaigns, this is about bringing our values to life and making a difference. Using our products and services to help tackle our communities’ challenges, head-on.


Where well thought-through communications have brought impressive, measurable results that contribute to growth and improving our business.

Competition categories

In 2023, the five categories for The Hexes were:

Ambitious Storytelling

Creativity that elevates the narrative through powerful execution, showing up with confidence to deliver meaningful messaging.

Digital Unlock

Enhancing HSBC products, services and creativity through innovative application of technology.

Force for Good    

Creating impact in the world around us to benefit our communities, celebrate inclusion and open up a world of opportunity for all.

Integrated Experience

Ideas that travel across platforms and technologies, translating across multiple touch points along the customer journey in a consistent manner.

Making an Impact

Making measurable changes that improves business by challenging the status quo.

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