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What digital accessibility means to HSBC

At HSBC our ambition is to become the world’s most digitally accessible bank. That means being the bank of choice for customers with a disability, neurodiverse or different age groups. But also, the employer of choice for staff who are neurodiverse or with a disability.

With over 1 billion people globally identifying as disabled, we recognise the importance of meeting their differing needs in an ever-changing digital world. It’s a strategic priority for us to allow the widest-possible group of customers to bank with us, as well as to attract the best talent in our staff.

It's who we are

Us practicing accessibility directly supports our purpose of “opening up a world of opportunity”. It’s an intrinsic part of our identity, and matches our values of “seeking out different perspectives” and “collaborating across boundaries”.

Our colleagues recognise that accessibility strengthens our brand and the trust our customers, clients and staff have with us. That’s why accessibility has become a core pillar within our policies, standards, design toolkits, and development libraries. It’s embedded into our DNA and it’s just how we do business. We consider the needs of our users with a disability, who are neurodiverse or have age-related difficulties from the point of design, all the way through to launch. We want to make sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Going above and beyond our legal obligations

The need to provide accessible banking platforms exists in many of the countries that HSBC operates in. As an organisation, we want to make sure that we’re going above and beyond our legal obligations for compliance. We don’t want to be just accessible; we want to go further by providing a best-in-class experience. We seek to do this because we understand the importance of financial inclusion and the broader independence that allows people.

It's what we do

We have a multi-award-winning Group Digital Experience and Accessibility team that has a global presence and a composition that reflects the diverse nature of the customers and staff we serve.

Some of our highlights from 2023

  • We’ve launched a digital accessibility apprenticeship programme for apprentices who are neurodiverse or with a disability.
  • We’ve initiated a programme to train 1,000 people outside of HSBC in digital accessibility, with over 80 organisations already signed up.
  • We’ve partnered with other organisations to benefit our customers and staff, but also the wider communities we serve. For example, we worked with Zoom to create an Epilepsy safeguard feature, protecting all Zoom users from potential seizures.
  • We’ve made our award-winning Accessibility Hub publicly available. 

What we’re most excited about next

  • Trialling the use of indoor navigation technology to help our visually impaired colleagues and customers around our offices and branches.
  • Providing expertise to other organisations to help them better support their customers and people.

You can keep track on HSBC’s digital accessibility progress on our website: HSBC and Digital Accessibility.

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